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Motorhome rental in Pontevedra

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Autoracavana viajando
Autoracavana viajando

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Let yourself be inspired by our range of motorhomes available to rent, all of them well equipped to make your adventures unique. Whether you want to disconnect through our lands or need to take a trip further afield, we have the perfect motorhome for you.

At Flanavan we want to rent you one of our motorhomes with the safety and hygiene that tops our list of priorities. You can spend your holidays with us in complete confidence!

Reasons to rent a
motorhome in FLANAVAN


Disinfection and Cleaning

They are carefully disinfected before and after each use.


Insured vehicles

They are insured against all risks so that you can travel in complete safety.


Fully equipped

They have kitchen utensils, essential bed and bathroom utensils.

Autoracavana viajando

What does
the vehicle rental include?

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Autoracavana viajando

Alba SM

“Great experience!!! The super cared for motorhome and no detail was missing. Comfortable, warm, and super equipped. Yago is also super friendly and attentive. Out of 10 :)”


Marta Perez

“Excellent!! Our experience was great.
Everything was perfect, the caravan was unbeatable and the treatment was great! We will definitely repeat!!”


Beatriz Valverde Hans

“We rented the nasturtium and everything was perfect, a very well-cared-for and clean motorhome and a very complete kitchenware. As soon as we can, this time we will rent the profiled one to test both.”

Motorhome rental in Pontevedra
Who says that in order to enjoy a motorhome you have to own one? Thanks to the motorhome rental service in Pontevedra you can enjoy the motorhome you want, for the days you need, without having to worry about anything other than spending a few good days with it.

The service The motorhome rental in Pontevedra is designed for all those users who dream of being able to enjoy a few different days aboard a motorhome, but who have never bought one. Enjoying a motorhome is as simple as having a B2 driving license and finding a group of friends or family with whom you can spend unforgettable days.

Travel Galicia aboard a motorhome< br />Being able to enjoy this motorhome rental service in Galicia allows you to enjoy a few different days. If you were looking for a different vacation or to take a trip that you had never done before, a route through Pontevedra in a motorhome is one of the best experiences that you can carry out in life. Take a look at the motorhomes we have and choose the model that you like the most. Depending on the people with whom you are going to carry out the route through Pontevedra, you can choose a larger or smaller model. In this way, thanks to this motorhome rental service you will be able to choose the vehicle that best suits your needs so that the trip is as comfortable as possible.

Enjoying a route in a motorhome has many advantages . To begin with, it is an exclusive trip, that is, you will not be able to compare it with any other. And, before going fully into all the advantages of carrying out this type of trip, it is important to mention that your vacation will be much cheaper. This is not only because you can count on cheap Galicia motorhomes, but also because by having a motorhome you will be able to cook in it and sleep in it, avoiding additional expenses in restaurants or accommodation.

¿ Why a route in a motorhome?
There are many routes that you can carry out in a motorhome. Despite the differences that you can find in each of them, all these routes are cut by the same pattern, that is, you will be able to visit a large number of great locations aboard your motorhome. If you did not have a motorhome, enjoying a different town or city every day would be a terrible expense. Think that you would depend on third-party services, services such as food or accommodation that would greatly increase your vacation spending. In addition to these problems, you would be subject to there being free accommodation, the restaurant having space or you being able to eat what you really would like.

All these problems are solved with the motorhome trip. Going on a route with a motorhome is like carrying your house on your back all the way. You can cook your own food and sleep wherever you like. Forget about having to leave the hotel at 12 noon or having to continually pack and unpack. In a motorhome you will always have what you need at hand and you can take it with you everywhere so that you do not have to depend on anything, freedom, above all.

Taking all this into account, the possibilities are practically endless. You can enjoy towns where it is difficult to stay. The high season will be something that no longer matters to you. Have breakfast in a different town every day, enjoy the best landscapes… without schedules or established routes, simply everything at your own pace with your motorhome. In addition, you can consult the internet to find out the best routes created by others who, as you now intend to do, have already made their trip. Visit all kinds of places, get to know new places, gastronomy, people, culture… all while you enjoy the journey and have the comfort of taking your house everywhere.

In short, what are you waiting for? to enjoy a different vacation aboard one of these motorhomes? We are so sure that the experience will be so positive that it will take very little time to repeat it again.