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Flanagan (Flanavan) has several meanings, among others that of a young literary character, adventurer and detective in his spare time. Also together with Mariano, they formed the vignettes of the humorist Forges, two colleagues who had their own lifestyle, traveling with what they were wearing and enjoying life!

For me, a state where emotion and joy come together with complicity, it’s a way of seeing another person when you admire them, it’s like my father looked at my mother and his eyes shone when he said: What’s up Flanagan?

< p>Looking for those moments that are remembered for a lifetime, FlanaVan arises.

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Do you already know what it means to enjoy a motorhome?
Today we are here to talk about one of the ways of traveling that has gained the most popularity due to the current health situation, the motorhome trip. In the search for a safe way to travel, motorhome rental in Galicia is booming. In a motorhome you find yourself traveling with your loved ones and, in addition, you can spend the night in it wherever you go.

If you don’t have a motorhome don’t worry, if you want to travel to Galicia, Vigo motorhome rental is one reality and you can enjoy the motorhome you want to spend unforgettable days traveling. If you are still not clear about everything a motorhome can bring you, keep reading and we will tell you.

Facilities to reach any destination
Continuing with our example of Galicia , Galicia is a great place to enjoy a large number of different destinations. With Coruña motorhome rental you can move around the city and also get away to coastal towns or remote places where other means of transport are more difficult to reach. And it is that, we are not going to deceive ourselves, depending on the place we want to visit, public transport is somewhat more complicated because it is scarce or it is not easy to find a place to stay once you arrive at the destination. These are two problems that you ventilate at a stroke thanks to the motorhome. You can travel with this wherever you want and spend the night also in a simple way.

Wake up in the middle of nature
It goes without saying that, while you travel, you will be able to enjoy of the interior of the motorhome, but also of the environment where you park it. The best motorhome areas in Galicia are located in privileged places and, believe me, there is nothing in this world like waking up in the morning and being in full contact with nature.

This feeling cannot be compared with none other. You will never wake up in any other place where as soon as you go out into the street you can do a mountain route, enjoy the snow or simply relax breathing fresh air. There are many examples that we can give you to make it as interesting as possible travel in a motorhome. From being able to sleep looking at the stars to sleeping next to a river relaxing with the sound of the water. In the middle of nature there is no light pollution so you can see the sky in its splendor, something really exciting.

With a motorhome you will not depend on anyone
With the motorhome you are taking the house on your back, you will not depend on anyone. We have been telling you how nice it is to sleep in the middle of nature, but, thanks to the motorhome, you will also take a kitchen with you wherever you go. This is as if you were taking the house with you everywhere, with all the advantages that this entails. A mobile home that in the morning is in the middle of the mountains and in the afternoon travels to a small fishing village where you can enjoy all its charm. All with the comfort of having your house above you in case you want to rest for a while or relax lying in bed.

Economics, above all
How much would you spend on hotels doing nights in different places? And in restaurants? This is an expense that you do not have to bear with the caravan. When it comes to spending the night in any lodging, these tend to be cheaper the more nights are carried out. Staying overnight is much more expensive, which ends up limiting movement and freedom on vacation.

As with the motorhome you can spend the night wherever you go, this is something you won’t have to worry about . The same thing happens with food, with the motorhome you take your kitchen everywhere. Having a refrigerator wherever you go and a griddle to cook with will allow you to prepare your own food that you buy in a supermarket without having to depend on a restaurant. Of course, these options are much more interesting when the hotels are full or there are no restaurants that you like in the area. Therefore, in addition to being a much cheaper alternative, it is a fact that it is also much more practical.

The tranquility that a motorhome produces
When you go to enjoy a few days of vacation the least you need is to have to submit to schedules. These problems usually occur when you have a time to enter a hostel, you have to follow the hotel meal plan or the bus leaves for the last time at 10 at night.

With a motorhome behind you you can forget about all that. You will not have to be aware of anything because you will have all your needs covered. All these advantages translate into a specific term, peace of mind. This tranquility is what you should always look for on vacation wherever you go and it is something that should never be negotiated.

They adapt to what you need
Finally, The wide range that exists when choosing a motorhome allows you to adapt its use to what you need. We can find more or less large motorhomes depending on the occupants that we are going to need. Models like the Tessoro motorhome is ideal for four people and, if you need something bigger, the Capuchina motorhome has space for six.

In short, regardless of where you want to go or who you go with, you will not have any problem when choosing a motorhome. Motorhomes are very easy to drive and you will not have any more problems in this aspect beyond needing a car driver’s license, which is normal. Discover a new way of traveling and, above all, of enjoying the trip much more thanks to a motorhome. Due to their very nature, all the advantages they offer are impossible to find in any other alternative. With a motorhome you will surely discover an unforgettable experience that you will repeat.