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Motorhome rental in Coruña

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Déjate inspirar por nuestra gama de autocaravanas disponibles para alquilar, todas ellas bien equipadas para hacer que tus aventuras sean únicas. Ya sea que quieras desconectar por nuestras tierras o necesites hacer un viaje más lejos, tenemos la autocaravana perfecta para ti.

En Flanavan queremos alquilarte una de nuestras autocaravanas con la seguridad e higiene que encabeza nuestra lista de prioridades. ¡Puedes pasar tus vacaciones con nosotros en total confianza!

Reasons to rent a
motorhome in FLANAVAN


Disinfection and Cleaning

They are carefully disinfected before and after each use.


Insured vehicles

They are insured against all risks so that you can travel in complete safety.


Fully equipped

They have kitchen utensils, essential bed and bathroom utensils.


What does
the vehicle rental include?

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Alba SM

“Great experience!!! The super cared for motorhome and no detail was missing. Comfortable, warm, and super equipped. Yago is also super friendly and attentive. Out of 10 :)”


Marta Perez

“Excellent!! Our experience was great.
Everything was perfect, the caravan was unbeatable and the treatment was great! We will definitely repeat!!”


Beatriz Valverde Hans

“We rented the nasturtium and everything was perfect, a very well-cared-for and clean motorhome and a very complete kitchenware. As soon as we can, this time we will rent the profiled one to try both.”

Motorhome rental in Coruña
Without a doubt Galicia is an Autonomous Community that is worth getting to know from start to finish. Visiting Coruña, Vigo, Santiago… are some of its main cities to which you must add a large number of towns with a special charm. If you are thinking that you need several vacations to tour the entire Community, from here we present an alternative so you can do it all at once, rent a motorhome.

Rent a motorhome and enjoy Galicia
A motorhome is the perfect solution to be able to carry out a vacation at your own pace, without having to worry about the stress of hotels and being able to take with you everything you need. Carrying out a route in a motorhome in Coruña is going to provide you with an experience that you will hardly forget in life. When you discover and enjoy all the advantages of enjoying these motorhomes in A Coruña, you will surely repeat over time. Motorhome rental in Coruña allows you to enjoy all the advantages of a luxury caravan without having to own it.

Precisely for this reason, you can always enjoy a quality model that would otherwise cost you a lot to amortize, especially if you owned it. If you are a person who, as a general rule, usually travels on vacation once or twice a year, buying a motorhome is not profitable for you. Precisely for this reason, renting motorhomes in La Coruña is the best solution to be able to benefit from all the advantages of enjoying a motorhome without having to deal with the problems of owning one.

Why travel by motorhome?
Going through Galicia at your own pace is just one of the advantages you have if you rent a Coruña caravan. Thanks to Coruña motorhome rental you will never need to hire a hotel, since you can sleep in it wherever you go. In this way, the first thing you achieve is to save a large amount of money on accommodation or be aware of having to carry the luggage from side to side, since you will always have it with you inside the motorhome.

Thanks to this freedom you don’t have to be subject to any specific schedule. If you want to spend more time in Coruña, for example, you do not depend on any hotel in which you have booked a certain number of days, you stay without a problem. On the other hand, when you take the motorhome with you, you are taking a bedroom and a kitchen . The advantages of the bedroom are those that we have detailed, freedom to be able to sleep in the city you want without any inconvenience. As far as the kitchen is concerned, you can cook in it whenever you want and not depend on restaurants.

This means the most important savings and, in addition, you can always go to local markets to consume local products that you can easily cook in the motorhome whenever you want. In other words, you have all the advantages that you could find in a house, except that in this case you take the house with you everywhere.

A most modern motorhome
Finally, renting a motorhome allows you to choose the model you always want. Depending on the situation or what you like the most, you can choose between one type of motorhome or another. You can have a larger model or a smaller one, depending on how many of you plan to travel. This versatility when renting is essential to choose the vehicle that best suits each situation and not always have to settle for the same one. in case you are the owner.

You can carry out a route or a tour with your partner through Galicia and, if you enjoy it and want to share the experience with more friends or family, you can always opt for a larger model later to be able to share your trip with them . Discover all the motorhomes that we have at your disposal and choose the model that best suits you. Enjoying a motorhome at a good price is now possible, so a range of possibilities opens up to you in order to enjoy a unique trip.